How to Join the Club

Currently we have a full membership.
We do not have a waiting list at this time.

Please check back with us in March of next year.


  • We have 50 and 100 yard outside shooting ranges
  • 25 yard outside pistol range
  • Trap shooting field
  • 5 stand shoots
  • Large Bass/Trout pond great for fishing, swimming, ice fishing, ice skating. The pond is stocked multiple times a year with the some of the largest trout we can get.
  • We have horseshoe pits
  • 3-D archery course, offering over a dozen targets. All is being renovated so not available at this time
  • Everything a hunter would need to process their deer from hanging them to hamburger.
  • We have almost 40 acres to hunt, camp, and enjoy


  • There is a 50 foot indoor shooting range for 22 rim fire rifles, and most all hand guns can be shot inside at the same range. Archery may be shot inside, and in designated areas.
  • An award winning junior rifle program for the kids.
  • Large and small function halls, grove available for rental by members and non members.
  • Full service kitchen.
  • Member's social lounge with a big screen tv, pool table and more!


  • Mandatory Background Check from New Hampshire, Vermont or Massachusetts or if you moved recently, your previous state of residency
  • You must be sponsored by a member.
  • Membership is $200.00 a calendar year, with a one time application fee of $100.00. (Club fees are Subject to Change)
  • Members are Required to complete at least (20) work hours during your first 6 Months probation period, and at least (20) work hours each year thereafter once you are a full member with your key card access.
  • All necessary forms and applications can be picked up at the club or downloaded from below.

[ What Are The Steps To Become A Member? ]

1] You must attend three meetings...

What Happens At The Three Meetings I Am Required To Attend?
Meeting 1: General Meeting. Every 3rd Monday of the month. Have Sponsor With You. Tour of Club and Property. Fill out membership application, pay dues, take New Hampshire or Massachusetts Background Check Application with you, fill out, and send in to State Police along with appropriate fees. You are then introduced to the General Membership and given a copy of Club/Range Rules, and By-Laws. You may remain for the rest of the meeting, or you may leave. If you remain, and there are any voting on issues, you have no voting rights at this time.
Meeting 2: Board of Directors Meeting. Meets first Monday of each month. This is where you are introduced to the members of the Board of Directors and questions can be asked of you and about you at this meeting. After the Board accepts you, you are recommended to the General Meeting for final approval vote to join the club.Please make sure you have familiarized yourself with all the rules.
Meeting 3: General Meeting. Final reading to see if your Background Check is in, and final approval from the General Membership for acceptance into the club as a member. If the General Membership accepts you for membership, you must complete 20 hours during your probation period of 6 months. Failure to do so can result in loss of membership, and forfeit of all dues paid. After acceptance into the membership, you have full voting rights on issues brought up for vote. After 6 months and completion of your 20 hours, you will be issued a key to the club, so you may enter the club at any time, and your status will be changed from probation membership to full membership.

2]   At first meeting fill out membership application, pay dues, obtain a copy of a New Hampshire, Vermont or Massachusetts Background Check Application (or download the appropriate form below).

3]   Fill out your state's Background Check Application and send in to State Police along with appropriate fees.

4]   When you apply, please make sure your sponsor gets you a copy of the Range Rules and Club BY-LAWS.

Be sure to "Study" the HFG Club "Range Rules and By-laws" because you will be "quizzed" by the membership during one(or more) of the meetings!

5]  Once you are a "probationary" member, you must be qualified by a "HFGC Club Range Officer" before shooting on any ranges, indoor or outdoor. It is also recommend for you to start accumulating work hours ASAP. You will need to complete at least (20) work hours during your first 6 Months of probation period.

NOTE:  This is a small membership club with a max of 125 members. For this reason we need to have members do work hours. (We keep it small so there is never a line of people waiting to use the club)




HFGC Membership Application


NH Background Check Request Form


Mass Background Check Request Form


Vermont Background Check Request Form