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SB 12-Constitution Carry in the state of NH

I urge all members of the Hudson Fish & Game Club to use the two links below.

Sign the petition urging House members to support SB 12 (Constitutional Carry).

Email committee members at where you can urge them to support SB 12. Remember to urge them to support the bill, AS WRITTEN WITH NO AMENDMENT.

Hearing on SB 12 February 1, 2017

There will be a hearing on SB 12 on February 1, 2017 from 10:00 am to 1:00 PM. Anyone that is able to make this hearing is urged to attend to show support for this important piece of legislation. The hearing will take place in Representatives Hall at the Statehouse. The hearing is scheduled from 10am-1pm, so if you cannot afford to take a full day away from work, just be there in the morning.

SB 12 is a very important bill because it does much more than simply repealing the licensing requirement for those who wish to carry a concealed handgun instead of an exposed handgun.

SB 12 also corrects an 94 year old injustice in the law by removing the words "suitable person" and replacing them with: "unless the applicant is prohibited by New Hampshire or federal statute from possessing a firearm." This important change will instantly make it clear that anyone who may own a firearm, automatically qualifies for a license to carry one. The license will remain available for those people who might travel to one or more of the 27 states that honor a New Hampshire Resident pistol/revolver license.